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Reviews From My Clients

If you would like to provide a testimonial or feedback of any kind, I would love to hear from you. 

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"Demara taught a class for us on an Introduction to Massage Therapy and one of the the things I liked best was the background information about the culture and the hands-on instruction on performing a massage.  I learnt the basic techniques of performing a massage, something I didn't know how to do before.  It was a great learning experience!"

Jaclyn C - GW Student

"Demara's classes are informative, interactive and fun.  She gives you tools that you can begin to use today that will bring you closer to a life you desire for yourself or your company.  We will be hosting another Vision Workshop here this year!"

Winona Bontrager, President, Lancaster School of Massage

“I loved the visualization pieces that encouraged detailing your dreams for the future.  These details give my plans and the enthusiasm I feel for them a breadth and dimension that makes things seem more attainable, more real.

And I love the quote you shared "The quality of our life is determined by the quality of the questions we ask.”

- Tammy G - Administrator

"I enjoyed hearing stories that are relatable to situations we all encounter. I also liked the 3-year plan and the discussions around what we envision as our lifelong dream.  To share my vision with someone in the class made it more realistic, a little scary to say out loud - but I liked sharing it as it made me step out of my comfort zone.

There was just enough information to spark my curiosity.  I think this will continue to peak my interest. GREAT job!!"

- Shannon KU - Singer/Songwriter

"The partnering activity was my favorite part.  It was great to verbalize my thoughts and have them repeated back to me.  I also loved the inspirational video!

This would have been even better as an all-day workshop - it was so powerful!"

- Nicky H - Personal Fitness Training

"It was very enjoyable, interesting, motivating, and informative from the start to the end.  I wouldn't change a thing - it was great!  Keep doing what your are doing, you are going to change lives!

- Millie S - Business Owner and Hair Stylist